This teacher-created project is a sample of ways your students can investigate the important people and places in their own community. Kids can research the people and places that are important and create their own digital story with the infomation that is important to them.

Click below to take our Google Earth Tour of Washington, DC to DISCOVER how 4 famous Americans influenced the building of AMERICA:
Creators and Project Organizers:

Project Idea
Our idea was to build digital stories about 4 US Presidents using pictures and information we learned during our tour of Washington, DC. We embedded the video and photo overlays into a Google Earth Tour. There are enrichment activies for United Streaming users in their assessment builder and quiz builder libraries linked to each stop of the tour. At the end, students can take a video "who am I?" quiz to test their learning.
Google Earth Tour: Note you must have google earth installed on your computer to open this file. Click HERE to download google earth.
Who Am I?
I used Adobe Premiere Elements. I downloaded and edited video from Unitedstreaming.
I then imported video I hadtaken from the memorial and recorded my own narration. I exported
it in Quicktime because the file size was a lot smaller than Windows Media Player.


Next Steps
Using this tour as a model, students will work in teams to create their own digital stories about their community.
We could not have done this project with out the support of the Discovery Educator Network and Discovery Communications as well as our group leaders Michelle Weeks, Brad Fountain, and Shannon Gaumer. If you would like to find out more information about the DEN--visit their website at