In our Global society, we need to work to teach kids to access information, become self directed self-assessing and independent learners, who can work with people around the world. Children learn best when they are invested in what they are learning. Many curriculums include learning about different communities. The Discover America project is designed to connect classrooms with one another so that students can learn more about others and their individual communities.

During the Discovery Educator Network National Leadership conference, teachers from 4 states came together and developed the idea of learning about other communities by learning from one another. The concept of the project is simple. Students learn about their own community and become experts about the people and places that make their community special. They create a product to teach others about their community. They post their products here on the wiki, identify where their community is using frappr, and learn about other places they might never experience from the people who live there. When a teacher joins the project and provides a way to communicate, the possibilities for collaboration is endless.
Click on join this space and send a message telling a little bit about the community where you live and help use to Discover YOUR America!!!! **SEE OUR PROJECT**
For more information email khokanson@umasd.org

WHERE ARE WE? This map is used to show participating classes.
Click on this map to find out where in the country our classes are located. If you are interested in particpating, check out our Project Steps. Reveal YOUR community by feel free to add yourself to the map.